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Oldblue X Samurai - 21 Oz Kisouma Selvedge (ONE WASHED)

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Our most-anticipated collaboration denim with Samurai Jeans Co., Ltd. Hailing from Japan, Samurai was founded in Osaka in 1997 by Tetsu Nogami (Nogami-san), one of the most renowned personas in the denim world. They’re easily among the most notable denim labels in the world. This is the first-ever collaboration we’ve ever done with a fellow denim brand. Being a denim-head in the early 2000s, we just can’t help but be inspired with all the qualities and particularities Samurai have to offer in the denim industry. One way or another, they assisted us in shaping who we are and what we aim for.

We decided to use Samurai’s original 21 ounces / sq. yard ‘Cho-Kiwami’ heavy-weight selvedge denim. Heavy ounces denim but constructed with extra-long staple cotton composition (40% Pima cotton, 60% Egyptian cotton). The other heavy consideration why we hand-picked the denim fabric is also because we’d combine it with our own signature 21/23 Oz Japanese Heavy-Weight denim (you often hear it referred as the ‘Beast’). We utilized our 21/23 Oz ‘Beast’ denim fabric for the right back pocket and coin pocket part of the denim build. The denim itself was built using Samurai’s signature 710 Cut. A denim pattern that has a nice and clean slim straight fit as its main offering.

This special OBXSAM denim dungaree surely has lots and lots of favorable details that you can expect from both of us. Specially designed (and exclusively made for this article only) arcuate stitch, special collaboration sheepskin leather patch, special OBXSAM inner woven label, specially made denim flasher (with 2 artworks), are just to name a few. We also utilized both of our signature trims & hardwares and combined ‘em shoulder-to-shoulder; the Oldblue’s Black Tab & Samurai’s Indigo Tab, Oldblue’s copper plated Scovill buttons & Samurai’s Gold Pine buttons, and the Oldblue’s copper Scovill rivets & Samurai’s signature copper rivets.

It’d take other multiple paragraphs to describe and list all the specialties on this ‘Kisouma Selvedge’ limited edition denim. All in all, this denim is best described as the result of a joint-work, joint-mind, and joint-effort between two brands which are just so sincerely passionate about quality denim and everything it comes with. It’s no surprise at all when we work together, the output will be something closely correlated with admirable quality jeans, made with flabbergasting selvedge denim fabric, constructed with redoubtable technique and experience, and filled with so many discreet and thoughtful details.


~ 21 ounces ‘Cho-Kiwami’ denim
~ Milled in Japan
~ Loom-state unsanforized
~ 40% Pima cotton and 60% Egyptian cotton composition
~ Long-staple heavy-weight denim
~ 100% cotton
~ Red and gold lame selvedge line – representing the edge of Samurai’s blade
~ Samurai’s signature ‘Syogyo-Mujo’ jacquard pocket lining fabric
~ Samurai’s 710 cut
~ Slim straight fit with medium rise
~ Oldblue’s signature 21/23 ‘Beast’ denim fabric used on the right back pocket
~ Oldblue’s signature 21/23 ‘Beast’ denim fabric used on the coin pocket
~ Samurai’s Yamato / Lee style back pocket shape
~ Special OBXSAM arcuate stitch
~ Special OBXSAM sheepskin leather patch
~ Special OBXSAM woven waist label
~ Special OBXSAM flasher design with two alternatives ‘point-of-view’
~ Oldblue’s signature ‘Looped Stitch’ on the coin pocket
~ Top button: Oldblue’s signature copper plated open top Scovill button
~ Fly buttons: Samurai’s gold pine open top buttons
~ Coin pocket rivets: Oldblue’s 100% copper washer-burr Scovill rivets
~ Other rivets: Samurai’s signature copper rivets
~ Oldblue black tab on the right back pocket
~ Samurai indigo tab on the left back pocket
~ Hidden rivets
~ Crotch rivet
~ Coin pocket selvedge
~ Raised belt loop
~ Extra-heavy duty stitching
~ Single-felled inseam construction with double-felled accent stitch
~ Oldblue’s signature two-tone chainstitched hem
~ Designed in Jakarta by Oldblue, Made in Osaka by Samurai

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~ This listing is for the one wash variant of the pants, for the raw variant, click here : Oldblue X Samurai – 21 Oz Kisouma Selvedge (RAW)
~ Any sizing question feel free to hit us