As we always mention in every chance we have, jeans is a very personal kind of cloth. They might be one of the most personal piece of garment that you have the chance to wear in your life. And the fit / cut, also plays big role to make jeans very personal thing to wear.

Aside of your personal taste, in our opinion the cut that you choose should well accommodate your leg / body anatomy. All those fancy selvedge denim fabrics, luxury hardware sets, and all, will have a less meaning if in the end the output; the gene itself, does not fit you well and can not accommodate you well (read : make you look kinda stupid).

All the cuts that had been invented by many jeans designer, from the tightest to the fullest one, from the old original classic to the more contemporary one, are to accommodate various body type, and also to accommodate the look that you want to achieve with it. So these are 4 type of different cuts that we have in our current denim line. from the slimmest to the most relaxed one (right to left, in the exact order). from the 7.5” Cut, 7.75” Cut, 8.25” Cut, and ’44 Cut.


7.5" CUT

The 7.5” Cut is our basic slim fit. this is the slimmest fit we have in our range. It has a slimmer thigh and knee. the 7.5" Cut also tapers a bit from the calves through the hems.

Another characteristic that differs the cut is its low rise and slightly lower yoke. so it should seat lower in your waist. All in all, the 7.5" Cut will give you a true slim silhouette and we designed such cut without compromising the comfiness aspect.

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7.75" CUT

The 7.75" Cut was first introduced to cater the many request of Fellow Oldblue who wants a slim silhouette but with fuller upper parts, who wants a slim built with a roomier top block.

The 7.75" Cut features a slim leg, which is derived from the 7.5" Cut, with a mid-rise and more room in its top block, which is a key note in the 8.25" Cut. It also has a slight taper on the calves through the leg opening and features a slightly lower yoke which is a key attribute derived from the 7.5" Cut. So the back pockets will seat a tad lower comparing to the 8.25” Cut.

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8.25" CUT

Our 8.25” Cut is simply a slim straight cut. which means that it falls somewhere between the slim cut to the regular straight cut. It starts quite slim in its thigh area, hugging a little closer than a regular straight cut will be. And it will be straight down from the knee, calves to the hem with basically no taper. Another key note of this cut is in its medium rise built. So it will give you a roomier and fuller kind of top block.

As the 8.25” Cut has a clean slim straight fit, it will give a slightly slim silhouette with the comfort of regular straight cut. A very versatile and all rounder cut ‘cause they will look good from the lean n’ slender built kind of guy to the robust and portly one.

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'44 CUT

The 8.75” Cut, or as famously known as the ’44 Cut. As we released this cut along with the repro of the ’44 WWII jeans back in 2012, no wonder the name of ’44 Cut is more attached to this particular pattern.

As the original 40s jeans, it has regular straight pattern. with a high rise, loose leg, and full wide leg opening, thus making it a true regular straight cut. The '44 Cut is well suited for people with a fuller build, as it characterizes with the loose leg and wide leg opening to provide more room for movement. It’ll also suit any average built who’s simply looking for a more easy-relaxed fit for any everyday duty.

'Browse thru this particular cut on our Dry Goods range'