Hang on tight!! Just a couple more days until we officially start off our rumble!

To refresh yer minds! We’re going to get thru the general setup of the OLDBLUE ROYAL RUMBLE VOL.IV! Make sure you read these conditions attentively, shoot any questions in the comment box or at our official instagram account @oldblueroyalrumble

We’re going to get all main points as clearly as possible, so y’all rumblers can have a clean & fair battle throughout the rumble!


Oldblue Royal Rumble is an annual denim contest organized by Oldblue first commenced in 2016, as a denim contest catered specially for all fellow Oldblue.

Oldblue Royal Rumble is Oldblue’s way to maintain the bond with fellow Oldblue, to keep their love of raw denim and to spread on how beautiful the raw denim world to the masses. It is also the first denim contest in Indonesia that utilize Instagram as their main method of judgement.


  1. Only those who pre-ordered the 18 Oz Over-Slub Selvedge Special RR. IV Edition are available to join the contest.
  2. Contest will be held from 17th January 2022 – 17th January 2023
      • Rumblers must post proof of their new & unworn jeans before the contest start.
      • We will share a secret word with all rumblers, every rumblers will need to write this secret word on a piece of paper and take a picture with your jeans.
  3. The contest will be a Instagram engagement-based contest.
  4. A dedicated Instagram page will be set up @oldblueroyalrumble and a dedicated Discord channel on Darahkubiru’s discord server
      • Feel free to discuss anything about the contest on the dedicated discord channel, make some friends, share your stories & passion.
  5. Rumblers need to post monthly progress updates (flat lay or fit pictures photos) on their Instagram account starting from February 2022 – January 2023.
      • Monthly update needs to be done from 1st -10th calendar date of every month. Any update photos will need to include #oldblueroyalrumble #RRvolIV hashtags
      • These monthly updates will then be reposted on a dedicated Instagram account – @oldblueroyalrumble
      • Rumblers need to gather as many likes as possible on the reposted photos, as likes gathered will be added to the final judgment consideration.


You can all check out the full detail on the general rules and setup at this post
All hands on deck! Get yer engine ready! The greatest rumble is about to start!