” After more than a full whole year, Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.IV has reached the finish line! And a new champion has been crowned! “

The 4th iteration of the gruesome denim contest has ended! Kicked off from January 17th last year, the contest has now been wrapped up!

To commemorate the ENTHRONEMENT of the RR. IV’s grand champion, we held a celebratory event called Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.IV – THE FINISH LINE on March 12th 2023! Here’s the short recap of the event!


Held at Oldblue General Store & Outpost, the event starts at a sunny Sunday afternoon. We showcased all the jawnz that made it to the finish line, the Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.IV started a year ago with around 30 rumblers, one by one they’re knocked out of the brawl during the year long contest. A total of 9 brave rumblers had given their all and fight until the last lap.

Fellow oldblue who attended the event are encouraged to vote for their favorite pair. @ecofades jawnz was chosen as the favorite among the masses!


Oldblue Royal Rumble is all about having fun, and connect with people who share the same love and passion for raw denim. So all denimheads are welcome to The Finish Line event, more than 40 people show up during the event. From the rumblers who took part in the contest, our partners, darahkubiru members and also denim enthusiasts are present that Sunday.

Sharing our love for raw denim over live grilled burgers, which is provided by dansburgers.jkt. Also challenging all the attendees for a monster jam mini game! And looks like many can conquer the challenge as every prize merchandises are seized.


The event won’t be completed without the enthronement for the new champion of Oldblue Royal Rumble!

So here are the crowned champion of Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.IV:

  • 3rd Place : @beer.u_indigo, as the 3rd place winner, he will receive a Special VOYEJ Made-to-Order Wallet(Worth IDR 2.000.000) + IDR 1.000.000 Oldblue Webstore Credit
  • 2nd Runner-Up @_cmiwfades, as the 2nd runner up, he will receive a Special OLDBLUE Made-to-Order Dungaree (Worth IDR 2.500.000) + IDR 3.000.000 Oldblue Webstore Credit
  • 1st Champion @syahbarkah, as the 1st champion, he will receive a Special WESCO Made-to-Order Boots (Worth IDR 10.000.000) + IDR 5.000.000 Oldblue Webstore Credit

Congratulations to all the winner! Your dedication and commitment had been paid off!

It’s been a gruesome battle, and we made it to the end.

We’ll see you on the next rumbleeeee!