We, as fellow Denim Heads, are all well aware that denim is the most personal piece of cloth that we have in our life cycle. Overtimes with wears and washes, it’ll develop a crease, called fade, that has its own personal characteristic. Never have we ever seen a same exact faded denim pair even though they’re started out with the same exact fabric.

To gain such well-faded denim pants, it surely requires a sequence of non-instant process. Only with persistency, dedication, endurance, and lots of affection towards the denim itself, that it finally will show the genuine characters. And we give nothing but appreciation and gratitude towards all those efforts in wearing-in and fading-out or trusted dungaree.

Through ‘The Fade-in & Deal-in’ program, we believe those fades and stories need to be shared and rambled out to the wider circle. We want to give ’em a greater spotlight to be seen by the wider circle of audience; be it in our virtual archives, our showroom, and even in our world-wide retailer showrooms.

If you have a pair of well-faded and well-loved Oldblue jeans, we’re more than willing to see ’em. Your journey with the denim might seems to end, so let us take it towards an even further journey ahead. So, give us a holler.

THE FADE-IN & DEAL-IN. Exchange yer fades with our bounties!


Simply fill and complete the form below. Including photos of your faded denim. Do note that we limit the uploads to 5 images max (front, back and details shots). So pick your best ones.


Then we’ll review your submitted jeans to evaluate it first. Give us a few days to thoroughly check it. And we’ll reach to you (via email / phone) directly if your jeans meets our criteria(s).


We will give a valuation towards your jeans based on our own evaluation and assessment. The valuation will be in the range of IDR 500.000 (US$ 50) to IDR 1.500.000 (US$ 150).


If you agree with the offered valuation, send the jeans to our HQ (using your preferred method). After we receive it safe n’ sound, we’ll give you the agreed value as a STORE CREDIT.

Oldblue The Fade in Deal in - Fade Example 1
Oldblue The Fade in Deal in - Fade Example 2


~ Only Oldblue products (in denim category) are eligible for the program
~ The jeans must be in un-altered condition
~ The jeans must be in sparklin’ clean condition (so, make sure you wash ‘em first)
~ The store credit can only be used for our ‘PANTS’ category products
~ We’re looking for some specific models (the rarer the better) with exceptional fades, so we do apologise if your jeans are not selected for the program
~ Each of your jeans will be assessed by our team and the valuation offer will be based on the evaluation
~ We need you to also fill a short summary of your jeans (how long you’ve been wearing, how many washes, any interesting stories, and such). Feel free to write it in Bahasa or English