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Heavy Tee - The Heavy Overalls

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In native American cultures, the number 13 is seen as a sign of good luck and protection. It’s believed that the number 13 is associated with the Great Spirit, and it brings good luck and prosperity. The number 13 is also seen as a symbol of healing and is believed to bring peace and understanding. Entering our 13th year of existence, we consider ourself to be extremely lucky to be in this blue world. Lucky to be able to make a living out of something we truly passionate about. Lucky to see our growing number of fellows appreciating and believing the kind of value and quality that we have to offer throughout the years. And most of all, lucky to simply be our authentic self.

For the longest time that we can remember, our brand has always been associated with heavy denim. Can’t say that it’s wrong tho, as we’re the very first denim brand here that came up with heavy-ounces denim 12 years ago. Back then, it’s more towards a challenge and proving that we have enough resources here to come up with something that heavy. And naturally that kind of milestone would easily be something that really sticks with us. Until this very day.

We use our signature Heavy T for this special anniversary celebration. The base material is a 7 oz. / sq. yds. heavy-weight jersey-knitted fabric. It’s constructed using 16/1 (16single / 16s) cotton yarns. Aside of heavy-knitted, the yarns were derived from a ring-spun cotton. Resulting in a very breathable and comfortable wearing experience for such heavy fabric. We infused several particular details you rarely see elsewhere. Triple needle stitch with neck binding technique on its neck’s rib; so that it’ll hold its shape better and longer. Another unique detail is the blind stitch details on its sleeve and hem. Considered by many as one of the characteristics of a vintage t-shirt.


~ Special 13th Anniversary t-shirt
~ Heavy-weight jersey knitted fabric
~ 100% cotton
~ 7 oz / sq. yds.
~ 16/1 combed cotton yarns
~ Ring-spun cotton yarns
~ Pre-shrunk
~ Ivory colorway
~ Signature triple-needle binding neck
~ Blind stitch construction on sleeve and hem
~ Water-based screen print
~ Regular shape with boxier fit
~ Exclusive packaging

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Heavy Tees
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