A well-matched collaboration is only achieved when the final output is something that would never have been made by both parties if it hadn’t been for the collaborative effort. towards this collaboration, one of the missions that we’d like to focus is on how far Sepatu Compass is able to surpass its own boundaries and limits; based on our inputs and constructs of course. Those boundaries can be in the form of pricing and quality level.


The result is this Compass 98 Vintage sneakers in 6 Oz brown canvas upper, 6 Oz natural canvas on lining. A genuine leather strap adjuster that’s inspired by rugged characteristic of an engineer boots.

The primary idea here is to combine all the solidity and durability character of a pair of boots with the comfort and ease factor of a sneaker shoe.


To make a purchase of this collaborative project, you need to solve the password to unlock the product here; Oldblue x Compass x Darahkubiru

The pass code is as simply as the answer towards this question;

‘What is the name of the mills that produced our first ever selvedge denim collection?’
*write with all lowercase letters, without space.

If you know us long enough, you shall know the answer right away.