We’re currently fully supporting the #brandlokalaja campaign by Nantiaja!  Show your support for your favorite local brand!

The #brandlokalaja campaign will highlight Indonesia’s very own local brand that offers not only high quality goods but also great craftmanship! So what are you waiting for? Support your favorite local brand, wear ’em with pride!

Also be prepared to shop a ton on your most treasured local brand and be ready for some surprise gift from Nantiaja! Don’t miss out on the 100k cashback if you  use Nantiaja for the first time!

The more often you make transactions using Nantiaja this April, the greater your chance to win a surprise box from the Nantiaja team, which will be announced at the end of this month! Keep your eyes for the announcement on Nantiaja instagram page!

Nantiaja payment option will only be available for buyers in Indonesia that have signup thru Nantiaja app.

To learn more about Nantiaja, head over to their website : www.nantiaja.com or download their app directly to your phone : Nantiaja (android)