With the sun slowly disappearing from the horizon, o here he comes..
The mystical creature o’ the toneless night..
A rare breed, the one who strikes otherworldly fear..

He possesses a body full of vigor, a strength that has never been seen before.
He ain’t just another common bronco, he’s here to out-tough ‘em all!

The Black Stallion, that’s what we call it. And at least it shall serve a bit of justice rooted on its mighty triumphance. The Black Stallion was created from a loom-state unsanforized 23 oz heavy weight bronco. And it shares the same construction with its long-lost older brother, the 21/23 Oz Heavy Weight ‘Beast’, but of course with its own spin and persona. Its pristine character is no other than the ultra-deep black color on both its faces (the warp and the weft if it ain’t clear enough).

To support its strappingly sturdy figure, it takes our timeless classic 8.25″ Cut. A slim straight cut with a medium rise. The one that can fit the lean built buckaroo to the burly ones. Also, what needs to be highlighted is the leather patch, we ain’t playin around with this one. A beautiful Black Chromexcel leather from Horween, Chicago.

Trimmed with some extremely particular studs manually by hand, meticulously one by one. Don’t even dare to ask us regarding the amount of time spent no doing all those studded patches. The spots n’ jewels are sourced and made from the US and A.

So, do you think you got what it takes to ride this Stallion?

Or is it ride on with this Stallion? Well, you decide!