These tees are part of our #9THRUNNINWILD anniversary collection, representing 3 different kind of characters that runs the imaginary freak show back in the wild west!
Come one, come all, huddle up, huddle up! Here comes the legendary freak show that shook the world! With their spellbinding magic that created ruckus all over! They wrecked havoc! And set a new higher bar of standard in the cruel world! Be prepared to be awed by the wilderness!
Bring the entire family. Here comes the fear & joy. A show that will leave a mark your souls! So without further ado, give your grandest cheers and applause to The Oldblue Bros & Curiositè Bunch: The Rouge Zoltar, The Momus, and The Bleu Mugger!!!






The Rouge Zoltar

He’s one of the master-mind behind this madness. The culprit behind this disorderly chaos. He breaths with your thrilling sensation. He lives by your worrying tremble. He orchestrates the fear in your minds. He’s the witchcraft and wizardry virtuoso!
~ Le Rouge Zolt’ar aka The Fire Eater aka The Crimson Red.







Le Momus

Momus was the god of many things, including satire, mockery, poets, writers, blame, and criticism. He’s the personification of satire and mockery. The pure-bred master of puppets. He controls both elements. He ridicules all the clutter and mess that his pawns caused.
When no one expect to see him, he’ll show his hellish grin. Finding fault in anything and everything and ridicule it was his main goal. The overlord behind the curtain. The maestro behind the greatest act.
~ Le Momus



The Bleu Mugger


He’s the one that can bend the law of physics. He can shatter the common sense the once knew. The space cowboy has broken the ties of earth and is about to conquer the space. He’ll take you to the place that we never dare to go before. He’ll take you to the place when space and time are relative. He’ll take you somewhere beyond our moral code, beyond right or wrong. He’ll take you beyond the nature of life.
~ Le Bleu Mugg’er aka The Space Cowboy aka The Cobalt Blue.


For those of you who do not get his irony, joke, mockery, criticism, yet fun act on this special 9th, well certainly this act is not meant for you, and that’s nobody’s fault.