‘Cause It’s back
Yes, It’s back
Well, It’s back
Yes, It’s back
Well, It’s back, back!’

Our collaboration with Joebilly Guitars is now back! Joebilly is a specialty guitar store haulin’ from the central part of Java, Yogyakarta. This second run of collaboration is available in 2 different designs that reminisced the golden era of music. Heavily inspired by the rock n’ roll and blues spirit of the past. And of course we added our particular signature touch to the graphics.

Joebilly has been around for 10 years (more or less the same age as we are) and catered lots of guitar freaks around the world. And it’s been an honour to have the chance to collaborate with someone who come from an entirely different industry but have this same kind of spirit and impulse with us.

These special tees are only produced in a limited quantity. The last round of collaboration last year was gone too quick! So expect nothing less for this round. Secure yours now: Oldblue x Joebilly Collaboration Tees.