The first episode of our newest bulletin called; The Oldblue Habitude. Thru this way of life bulletin, we’ll expose some of the things n’ activities that you rarely see on our daily feeds and agendas. This not an entirely denim-related thingy, but surely it’s still closely related to our code of life and lifeway habits. Nothing that serious, but of course we produce the bulletin with our usual level of seriousness.

This first episode is also in conjunction with the #unitedbyblood and #stayathome kind of spirit. Even though it’s supposed to be some kind of morning ritual that you can do at home, you can also practice it on this current fasting month. Just pay close attention to the hour marks will ya! Aside from the food overture, don’t forget to also treat yerself with the right kind of habiliments. It’s vital to set the right mood at the beginning of the day as it’ll determine yer attitude for the rest of the day.

Featurin’ n’ sportin’:

  • Dungaree: Oldblue The Prospector Pants
  • Shirt: @bluesville Indigo Batik Petir Leisure Shirt
  • Tee: Oldblue The Cobalt Blue 9th Tees
  • Boot: Oldblue X @sagarabootmaker – The Boondockers
  • Necklace: @anteatigra Taring Lilit
  • Bracelet: Oldblue X Antea Tigra – Agora Horseshoe Bangle
  • Wallet: @voyej Auburn