Aight! You’ve seen all the details on the 18 Oz Over-Slub Selvedge Special RR. IV Edition, and you can now pre-order the jawnz here

And while you patiently wait for the special jawnz being produce, here is what’s waiting for you at the end of the Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.IV! These bounties are one of a kind, and only the best rumbler can get a hold of it! So, without further ado, here are the list of bounties!


2nd Runner-Up
Special OLDBLUE Made-to-Order Dungaree
(Worth IDR 2.500.000)
+ IDR 3.000.000 Oldblue Webstore Credit

1st Champion
Special WESCO Made-to-Order Boots
(Worth IDR 10.000.000)
+ IDR 5.000.000 Oldblue Webstore Credit

3rd Place
Special VOYEJ Made-to-Order Wallet
(Worth IDR 2.000.000)
+ IDR 1.000.000 Oldblue Webstore Credit

How about that? Your blood tension has been rising up enough? Might get yourself in tiptop shape before entering the most gruesome battle of Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol. IV. So get yourself together while the enrolment is still accessible. And also don’t forget, there will also be a Tri-Monthly Challenge, with the winner will get a chance to bring home a IDR 500.000 webstore credit! Ain’t that sweet!?

Well, might secure your jawnz now! Pre orders are open until Mid September 2021! These special jawnz will be available for this contest only; we ain’t going to produce additional pair afterwards! So keep this in mind.