Loomed out of darkness and far beyond the sand dunes.

The box of mystery transpire to the wild!

No one know what it is and what it contains, the mystery is yours to be solved! Brave enough to roll that Russian roulette? Roll that barrel and let your heart race!

This wagerin’ lot is part of our great bargain deals, and you’ll be able to get immense bang for ye buck!

A box will randomly contain a mix of items from our tees, enamel pins and bandanas collection for a mere price of 600k! (And we’ll make sure you got much much more than you spend!)

You’ll get an equally random even chance to get these items listed below;

Tee – The Boss of the Ring
Tee – The Can’t Loop ’em
Tee – The Fabric Dyers
Tee – The Out of the West
Tee – The Shrunk Overalls
Tee – The Overalls 66
Tee – The Western Wear
Tee – The Forever Two-Workers
Bandana – The West Battle
Bandana – The Loopin’ Good
Bandana – The Rattlin’ Snake
Pin – The Looped Arc
Pin – The Two-Workers

We all know you’re all champing at the bit, so here we go, try yer luck in The Wagerin’ Lot!