Tip yer hat for our latest purveyor o’ goods in Northern Europe, RENARD SPEED SHOP!

Located in Tallin, a city that is established more than 700 years ago, Renard Speed Shop started as a motorcycle builder and spread their wings into providing the bikers with high quality goods around the world.

The shop situated in the Telliskivi area (a hop away from Tallin old town), an old industrial complex that is now renowned as the creative hub and leisure center for the residents of Tallin. The area sure does gets a lift when Renard Speed Shop opens their door around 5 years ago.

Driven by their passion about motorcycles, Renard Speed Shop caters the community by their one of a kind custom bikes. But they don’t top there, along their way, now they also provide denims, shirts, jackets, helmets, from high quality makers around the globe.

Their selection of goods had been exceptional, providing clothing and accessories  that can be worn on a daily basis and on your motorbike strolling trips. To look good on and off the bikes.

We’re excited to be partnered with Renard Speed Shop! So if you happen to be around Telliskivi or Tallin, give a stop to Renard Speed Shop and splurge yourself with some gear!