In case you missed it all above, yes the 17 Oz Heavy Slub Okayama & 16 Oz Extra Slub Okayama ID X BR are now BACK IN STOCK in all sizes!

Looking at the paper specs, these 2 bad boys share some similar characteristics. Both are loom-state unsanforized, loomed in Japan, mid-heavyweight fabric, and are both offered in our signature 8.25″ a.k.a the slim straight silhouette. But the similarities stopped there.

If you dig deeper, these 2 have different charms and their own characters. Well let’s take a look at it:


8.25″ Cut – 17 Oz Heavy Slub Okayama

Introduced back in late last year, it managed to steal many hearts and reave lots of attention since then. Well we probably know a reason or two, its slub and extra-bumpy texture will probably one why it’s loved by many.

A straight-forward Japanese specialty denim fabric base, made by our partner mills in Okayama, Japan.  Weighted at 17 oz. / sq. yard, this probably be the one for those who’s looking for a heavier denim.

And as the fabric is unsanforized, you can see clearly all the bumps, hairs, and uneven textures with your naked eyes. As many people says, pictures tell a thousand words. So let the pic do the talkin’.


8.25″ Cut – 16 Oz Extra Slub Okayama ID X BR

You might say, I’ve seen this before haven’t I? Well that’s part true, part false. The 16 Oz Extra Slub Okayama ID X BR is the ‘pimped-up’ version of our old denim fabric article, the 14.5 Oz Extra Slub Okayama; one of our very first dungarees back in 2011. It shares the same basic construction as its predecessor. Although this time around, we decided to use bulkier yarns resulting on its heavier weight.

You might also say this one looks a lot like our previous brown weft denim run; some of you might remember The Desert Selvedge or the 15 Oz Deep Indigo Okayama ID X BR. We indeed utilized the same signature brown color direction for the Sulphur Dyed weft yarns, hence the look-a-like. But as we previously mentioned, the fabric construction is different.

Let’s see it as our effort to take the best of both worlds; the slub texture is even bolder while having an extremely particular brown color on its other face.

Alrighty, let’s jump into the evidence. that such a beaut?


Now, get your self together and move swift. As normally these two are selling like hot cakes!

So, which side are you? Are you the #teamheavyslub or the #teambrownweft? Whichever you choose, you really can’t get it wrong!!