Had that stash of Oldblue ancient pairs just sitting around in your closet? Does the old pair doesn’t spark any more joy? (Just like what the lady in the  TV show that you once watched?) Well its probably time to part way with your precious past!

We know it’s probably hard to let go a pair of jeans that had some great and awesome memories. You probably want to reminisce all the time you spent in the pair. Remembering when all the fades started settling in, to the sea washes that you done when you’re young, and all the coffee spill on the fabric.

But sometimes it’s best to start fresh and new! Trade your pair of jeans through ‘The Fade-in & Deal-in’ program! If you have a pair of well-faded and well-loved Oldblue jeans, we’re more than willing to see ’em. Your journey with the denim might seems to end, so let us take it towards an even further journey ahead!


Each pair need to be submitted through the ‘The Fade-in & Deal-in’ form, and our team will valuate it through our own evaluation and assessment. If you’re lucky, we will offer you IDR 500k – IDR 1500k (50 -150 USD) store credit for your pair!

We are looking for with exceptional fades, the more rare pair the better, with some outstanding stories! So if you feel you have a pair that suits that category just laying around in your closet, better give us a holler!

To learn more about the ‘The Fade-in & Deal-in’, read the detailed info here.