Yehaaw! It’s finally here! The Oldblue #10THGOLDENDECADE collection!

The spirit of our 10th Golden Decade collection is to recreate some amazing and iconic pieces on the golden era of denim that we truly admire. The real duty comes in hands when we try to create something based on those iconic pieces but thru our own frame of mind. So that we can come up with our own symbolic set of garments that have this solid history as the base foundation. For the very 1st drop, 5 new articles are now available to be ordered!

’37 Cut – 13 Oz Low Tension Selvedge Okayama

’37 Cut – 14 Oz STF Selvedge Vidalia

For our special 10th Golden Decade denim pants, we draw back the model into the golden eras of denim in 1930-40’s. This denim dungaree features all the particular details of the 1937 jean. The cinch back, the crotch rivet, the (newly added) hidden rivets, are some of the worth mentioning features embedded on the jean. It’s the last mode that’s still utilized the cinch back before it’s written off towards the WWII era and forward. Built using the particular cut of the 30’s jean which has higher rise, roomy top block, and regular leg.

  606RJ ’48 Jacket – 13 Oz Low Tension Selvedge Okayama

  606RJ ’48 Jacket – 14 Oz STF Selvedge Vidalia

This so-called 606RJ Jacket piece of ours is modelled after the iconic Lee 101 Rider Jacket of the 1940s era. But of course, we had some fun tweaking and refining some of the details based on our personal taste. The jacket’s pattern also resembles the classic piece of the 40s; pretty wide shoulders, plenty of room in the chest, and shorter body length.

 The Roamer Wallet

This first-ever fabrication long-wallet of ours was made based on the romanticism and enticement of the infamous trucker wallet. In the 1950s, there were many businesses that still preferred cash over card. And gas stations were one of such businesses. They wanted to incentivize people to pay with paper instead of ‘plastic’. Long wallets were created so that folks would be able to carry a greater number of bills without the need to fold them. So, they started offering discounts; specifically to the truckers, who paid with paper currency.

All 5 items from our very 1st drop of Oldblue #10THGOLDENDECADE collection are now live and available to be purchased online, and thru our Oldblue General Store & Outpost at Jalan Puri Mutiara No. 35B, Jakarta Selatan.