Delivered to Your Doorstep at a Fair Rate!


Sending goods across borders has always been a bit of a challenge here and there. The shipping cost is of course one of the main obstacles. Sending goods internationally is anything but a cheap matter.

But the good news is that we can put that aside ~ at least some parts of ’em. We proudly announce to you our more accessible and economical shipping option, the Oldblue Fair Shake™ International Shipping!

Fair Shake™ International Shipping is our program that allows your goods to be delivered to you at a very affordable cost. Saving you up to 80% compared to the regular shipping option. Starting as low as US$ 4, we can deliver our goods right to your doorstep with a traceable feature, ain’t that great?

Of course there will be a slight trade off. As the shipping time will be a bit longer, but still in a very timely manner. All of your goods will be delivered with one of our cross-border international logistics partners; Aramex, DPEX or JANIO.

The Fair Shake™ International Shipping is currently available for these countries;
~ Australia
~ China
~ Hongkong
~ Malaysia
~ Singapore
~ Taiwan
~ Thailand
~ Vietnam

It’s very helpful specifically for those of you whose bounties are still under our free-shipping threshold value. Hopefully more and more countries will come along as well. Let us know if you want your country to be included in the list, and we’ll see what we can do.