Perfectly imperfect, finding the beauty of every imperfections, the Oldblue Irregularities.


Broken fills, broken ends, mispick lines, are fabric irregularities and imperfections when it comes to denim textile. It’s inevitable especially if we talking about selvedge denim that’s loomed with ancient shuttle looms. The mechanics of vintage shuttle looms are filled with many uncontrollable variables during the weaving stage resulting in such irregularities.

For most of us denim heads, such things wouldn’t be a big deal, as it’s the real-life practice of the beauty of imperfections conception. The natural beauty is the purest form of beauty.  We couldn’t agree more about that.

But we still need to draw a clear line when these irregularities can be counted as a norm. Sometimes we found a broken fill that’s just too long, a loose weft that’s just too obvious, or a filling float that’s just too intruding.  In most cases, we separate those who crossed the line from our usual stocks n’ racks.

Rather than having these irregular goods sitting in our storage rack, we decided to try to get ’em a new home. We believe there are many out there that can see past their imperfections, where they’ll be treated as a‘normal’ pair.

Several of those outlier surpluses are exclusively traded thru the section here at our website : The Irregularities. And yes they do come with some irregular prices as well!

Hit up the link, examine several of those irregular stocks with ease, maybe browse around other categories as well! And yes, we also have some limited goods in the sundries and knitted categories.