Back again with another post of Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol. III and this will be the last and final chapter!

You’ve seen the bounties collection that all the contestants were brawling for at our previous video: Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol. III – The Glorious Bounty!, and the minutes to crowning the grand champion at this video: Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.III – The Ultimate Judgement!

Now, it’s time to get to know our TOP-3 contestants a little better. Ain’t you curious on how the process to become a champ? On their motivation, how they decide their weapon of choice, their dos and don’ts during the competition, to on how they feel when they are crowned to be a champ? You’re in for a treat then!

Check out all the answers from Mr. @dwiputraaa16 , Mr. @denimevozz and the newly crowned GRAND CHAMPION : Mr. @yuwandhadr.


Big round of applause for all 3 respective winners! All their grit and grind for the past year had finally paid off!

Also big shout-out to our sponsors and partners Standard Denim Supply Co., Relic Almanac, Sagara Bootmaker, The Stubborn, Denim Enthusiasts and darahkubiru for all the support during the Vol.III!

Sooo do you think you got what it takes to be the next Grand Champion? Prove yerself in the upcoming Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol.IV! Give @oldblueroyalrumble a follow to keep up with news and updates regarding that matter.