Times surely flies!  The Oldblue Royal Rumble Vol. III kicked off last year on March 2019, and it’s been a colossal year to this year contestants!

On this first free for all rumble, every contestants can choose any denim of their choice from Oldblue lineup, and oh boy it sure add to the diversity of the result. All that different colors, textures, and hues. It sure does gave us some hell o’ headache in choosing the best of the best.

But, it’s time talk about the mighty bounty to the very special one!

Together with Standard Denim Supply Co., we decided to devote ourselves to a trophy that we never even thought of before. Gretsch Streamliner (with Bigsby) in

Sunburst Maple.

As you can expect, we always leave our particular marks on everythin’ we do. And this bounty is no exception. carefully customized and hand-painted to boost the character even more rock-ribbed. With over US$ 550 value, this ‘one-off’ special edition guitar will be your highest form of triumphant and commitment symbol.

So who’s going to claim this one of a kind AXE???!!