Denim is more than just something we wear. It represents our passion and way of life. In our Regular Tees Drop of ’23, we’ll showcase denim in some of the most unexpected ways


As a faithful denim-head, we simply can’t segregate ourself with that little blue thing in our daily life. Most of the time, it’s not just something we daily wear. It represents our passion. It symbolizes our way of life.

And thru out this Regular Tees of ’23, we’d like to portray denim into something even more. Thru the right kind of blue-lense, we’ll able to see denim in everything and everywhere. Whether it’s in form of powerful carriage horses, big ol’ heavy-standin’ trees, or a wooden piling on yer favorite saloon joint.


As you can expect on our Regular T’s Drop, they’re made using our signature tubular knitting fabric. Our ever-trusted t-shirt fabric as we’ve been using the same exact fabric for over 11 years now. Medium weight knitting fabric, with no-side-seam construction, assuring you’ll have a better and a more proper t’s shape that’ll last you for long.

Oldblue Reg Tees '23 (12)

Some of the important details of tee that someone might missed are the double needle on neck, sleeve, and bottom hem. Also the shoulder to shoulder tape for that extra durability on the stress points.

The graphic was printed using water-based ink, so you’ll have that favorable worn-in look with wears and washes.


The tee is cut & sewn into a regular shape and still maintain the same sizing chart as our regular tees since the past years. So if you had one of Oldblue’s regular tee before, you can be certain to wear the same size on this collection.


Oldblue’s Regular Tees of ’23 had 6 different tee. They are : The Indigo Hills, The Blue Tunnel, The BlueLine, The Three Dungarees, The Wild Ride, and TheHeavy Horsepower.

Each of tee can be purchased for IDR 275.000,- / US$ 27.5 each. All tees are available as we speak at our Oldblue General Store & Outpost or online directly from the website.