Let’s take a road trip back in time with these America’s classic roadside attractions.


During the recent years, you’ll know that we usually deliver pack of fresh designed graphic tees. This will be our first Regular Edition of graphic tees collection in 2021.

Graphic tees have been a part of our dry goods assortments since the early days. And we never compromise on its quality. These graphic tees are made using using our signature circular knitted tubular tees as the base material. We’ve been using the same t’s for over 10 years The water-based ink printed on the tees is so rich in details as you can expect.

One of the many things that leaves a quite profound impression of our USA trip back in 2018 is when we had the chance to enjoy the road-trippin’ experience. Like many others, we just can’t help but be astounded with all the landscapes, the free-roaming spirit sensation, along with all the old roadside signs & attractions that we passed thru.

The main take towards these graphic tees collection are to recreate some of the signages, landmarks, and attractions that can be found along the freeway in the States back in the olden days. Those roadside signs convey lots of sentimental values as the intense reminiscence about the glory days of the cross-country highway. From the honky tonk bar, a jaw dropping steak house, truckers favorite dive bar, transit motel, to the fictional auto repair shop.

These 5 tees are now readily available here!