Just like music, fashion, or any other forms of cultural maker, sports provide an intersection of all the pieces that make up humanity. This is a nod to sports that make a great impact on the American culture.


We can easily witness how influential they have become in society and how they are a mainstay in American’s lives. Taking account of the importance, towards this Regular T’s Collection of ’22, we’d like to highlight several of staple American sports; from the quintessential sport of Baseball, the historical wealth of American Football, to the racket sport that was first played in the States in 1881, Tennis. Several physical recreation activities that are still in-line with our brand’s usual portrayal and of course, we did it with nothing but our own twist of the game.


As you can expect on our Regular T’s Drop, they’re made using our signature tubular knitting fabric. Our ever-trusted t-shirt fabric as we’ve been using the same exact fabric for over 11 years now. Medium weight knitting fabric, with no-side-seam construction, assuring you’ll have a better and a more proper t’s shape that’ll last you for long.

Reg Tees - 2022 - Editorial (25)-crop

Some of the important details of tee that someone might missed are the double needle on neck, sleeve, and bottom hem. Also the shoulder to shoulder tape for that extra durability on the stress points.

The graphic was printed using water-based ink, so you’ll have that favorable worn-in look with wears and washes.


The tee is cut & sewn into a regular shape and still maintain the same sizing chart as our regular tees since the past years. So if you had one of Oldblue’s regular tee before, you can be certain to wear the same size on this collection.


The regular tees collection of ’22 consists of 6 different tee; The Blue Stampede, The Blue Lane, The Blue Club, The Blue Range, The Blue Slice, and The Blue League.

Each of tee can be purchased for IDR 275.000,- / US$ 27.5 each. All tees are available as we speak at our Oldblue General Store & Outpost or online directly from the website.