HEAVIER since ‘10.
NASTIER than ever.
STURDIER beyond doubt


These graphic tees are part of our special 13th Anniversary celebration. In Native American traditions, 13 holds significance as a symbol of good fortune and safeguarding. It’s linked to the Great Spirit, believed to bring luck, prosperity, healing, peace, and understanding.

As we step into our 13th year, we feel fortunate to exist in this vast world – fortunate to pursue our passion as our livelihood.

For #THELUCKY13TH collection, we choose to use graphics that are robust, daring, and guaranteed to catch your eye. It’s all about that wild, fast energy that sets us apart.

The Sturdy Overalls

In order to have a strong superstructure, we must have a solid foundation. There’s no other way to build a worthy brand but to have a solid foundation. And that’s one of the meanings behind the word ‘sturdy’ for us.

So, aside from producing a set of physically sturdy products that will last thru many cycles, we also have to build our brand internal value from the ground up. Consistently and relentlessly. For over 13 years. And counting.

The Heavy Overalls

For the longest time that we can remember, our brand has always been associated with heavy denim. Can’t say that it’s wrong tho, as we’re the very first denim brand here that came up with heavy-ounces denim 12 years ago. Back then, it’s more towards a challenge and proving that we have enough resources here to come up with something that heavy. And naturally that kind of milestone would easily be something that really sticks with us. Until this very day.

The Nasty Overalls

We might be the nasty one to those who see quality as an option, as we always see quality is an obligation and responsibility. We might be nasty to those who are only driven by a short trend. They might see our firm stand in quality with unpleasant eyes. They might get offended by our honest view and opinion. And yet we don’t care. ‘Cause they know we only speak the truth and only the truth. For over 13 years we’ve been nasty to those kinds of attitudes.


For this limited run graphic tee, we put our signature Heavy Tee to good use. The base material is a 7 OZ./SQY. heavy-weight jersey-knitted fabric. Constructed using 16/1 cotton yarns. One of the most special things about the fabric is that it’s constructed using RING SPUN cotton yarns. Resulting in a very breathable and comfortable wearing experience for such heavy fabric.


Aside from the special fabric, of course we infused several particular details you rarely see elsewhere. TRIPLE NEEDLE-STITCH with neck binding technique on its neck’s rib; so that it won’t lose its shape easily. Another unique detail is the Blind Stitch details on its sleeve and hem. Considered by many as one of the characteristics of a vintage t-shirt. That kind of construction was the predominant method of t-shirt manufacturing up until the mid 1990s.


The tees are tailored in a regular shape with a slightly boxier fit compared to our usual tees. However, no need to fret—you can stick to your regular size from our tee collection.


The Lucky 13th Collection are now available at our Oldblue General Store & Outpost or online directly from the website. Priced at IDR 325.000 / USD 32.5 each.