Extra reinforced, extra durable! These highly dependable heavy tees are ready to serve ya!


Oldblue may be known for their usual graphic-heavy tees style, but this time we’re offering something different from their usual t-shirt release. In these Heavy Pocket Ts, Oldblue highlights the uniqueness and the quality of the knitting fabric and also the construction details.

The main idea is to offer something different from our usual t-shirt releases, that usually rely on heavy graphic strokes. These Pocket Ts will mainly rely on the kind of knitting fabric that we utilize and the construction details that we put into practice.


The base material is no other than our signature heavy knitted fabric. a 7 OZ. / SQY. heavy-weight jersey knitted fabric that’s constructed using 16/1 combed cotton yarns. Heavy knitted fabric that’s originated from RING SPUN cotton yarns.

Making this special fabric prevails in both worlds. Heavy-duty durable t-shirts, yet very comfortable and breathable at the same time. Suitable for all of your work n’ play necessities.


The key highlight details in the tee’s are the TRIPLE NEEDLE-STITCH with neck binding technique to ensure the strength of the neck’s rib area, so it’ll maintain its shape throughout years of wear.

Another unique detail we have in these Heavy T’s built is the Blind Stitch details on its sleeve and hem. That kind of single blind stitch construction was the predominant method of t-shirt manufacturing up until the mid 1990s. Last but not least, they’re trimmed with our signature horizontal tab on the front pocket as a nice little quality mark.


The tee is cut & sewn into a regular shape with slightly boxier fit than our regular tees. But don’t worry, you can wear your usual size from our regular tee line-up.


The Heavy Pocket T’s are available in 3 colors; Black, Navy and Ivory. The tees can be purchased for IDR 250.000,- / US$ 25 each; IDR 450.000,- / US$ 45 for a two-pack bundle; or IDR 600.000,- / US$ 60 for a three-piece bundle.

Get it  directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost or online directly from here.