In the heart of our Knitting Dept lies a story of timeless allure and unyielding authenticity. These two iconic tees have, without fail, captured the essence of our craft. Year after year, they’ve earned their place as our most coveted pieces.


These two signature tees have become the most sought-after pieces without the need for excessive praise. Their popularity speaks volumes, driven by an unwavering commitment to authenticity and quality. Here are some back story about the design;

The Authentic Cloth

‘Oldblue ~ The Authentic Cloth. Authenticity will require transparency and integrity. We will never trade our authenticity with any kind of approval. So here we are. Offering our authentic view towards the west. The authentic value we’ve been striving for from the very first. While devouring countless thoughts and sweats.’

The Forever Two Workers

‘Oldblue ~ The Forever Two Workers. They are a testament to the blue-collar workers whose hands shaped the world, whose grit and determination built the foundations of societies. Each stitch in ‘The Forever Two Workers’ collection echoes the ethos of those unsung heroes, the individuals who labored ceaselessly, embodying the true spirit of resilience.


These two are made using our trusted tubular tees, a tee’s build that we’ve been faithfully utilizing for over 12 years now. Tubular tees, unlike those with side seams, offer a seamless construction. This lack of side seams not only provides a superior level of comfort but also ensures that the garments maintain their proper shape over time. In other words, you won’t have to worry about them twisting awkwardly or losing their form. It’s a design choice we’ve stood by for 12 years and counting, all to guarantee you a comfortable and lasting fit.


You might not notice, but there are key features in this tee, like the double stitching on the neck, sleeves, and hem, plus the shoulder-to-shoulder tape for extra durability where it matters most.

The graphic was printed using water-based ink, so you’ll have that favorable worn-in look with wears and washes.


The tee is cut & sewn into a regular shape and still maintain the same sizing chart as our regular tees since the past years. So if you had one of Oldblue’s regular tee before, you can be certain to wear the same size on this collection.


These two iconic tees are now available at our Oldblue General Store & Outpost or online directly from the website. Both priced at Rp 275.000 / USD 27.5