LOOK WHO’S BACK!? One of Oldblue’s very own exclusive fabric, the non other, 16 Oz Extra Slub Okayama ID X BR!

The good ol’ brownie is back! First introduced back in 2018, this fabric will be among Oldblue signature collections throughout years to come. So expect it to be in our lineup offerings for long!


The fabric was developed from one of Oldblue’ s early article, 14.5 Oz Extra Slub Okayama denim, which was first released around 7 years ago.

This fabric uses the same exact fabric construction as its predecessor (hence the name). But we try to utilize bulkier yarns (6.6/- X 6/-) towards the construction so as the result the fabric is now weighting at 16 oz. / sq. yards. All specially milled to our specification, with custom dyed weft, custom selvedge id, structured slub yarns, freshly ordered from our long time Japanese mills partner.

The 16 oz hits the sweet spot for many, a just-right mid-heavyweight denim that’s able to satisfy all of our daily activities; both work n’ play. The denim itself is in the loomstate unsanforized condition. Untainted kind of denim for all of you pure-blue-blooded out there.


One of the most significant characters of this denim is no other than the striking brown weft construction. Utilizing our own customized brown hue that’s colored using sulphur dye; which means the weft part will also have the ability to fade in line with its regular indigo warp face. Too add more goodness to the list, the denim was constructed using irregular and extra ‘bumpy’ slub yarns. You’re able to easily notice the slubbiness of this denim by naked eyes.

The Back View

The Fabric Detail

The Double Line Selvedge

The Front View

The Leather Patch

The Inside Look


As usual, these tiny little details holds the same detailed attention as others, we don’t compromise any quality. Trimmed using our signature Scovill USA open top buttons in burnt copper finish. Reinforced with 100% copper rivets also from Scovill Fastener Company. The leather patch was made using our signature leather that we’ve faithfully utilized since 2011, the veg-tanned horse strips from the widely known Horween Leather Company of USA.


It’s our signature 8.25″ Cut. If you’ve been following us for a while, you would know what this means.

It falls somewhere between the slim cut to the regular straight cut. It starts quite slim in its thigh area, hugging a little closer than a regular straight cut will be. And it will be straight down from the knee, calves to the hem with basically no taper. Another key note of this cut is in its medium rise built. So it will give you a roomier and fuller kind of top block.

A cut that is our most versatile (and most-experienced) cut that’s able to fit various kinds of body type.


The 8.25″ Cut – 16 Oz Extra Slub Okayama ID X BR is now available to be purchased for IDR 2.350.000,- / US$ 235 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost at Jalan Puri Mutiara No. 35B, Jakarta Selatan and online from here