The first above 30 oz. denim we’ve ever used.
The first (and might be the last) milled in China denim we’ve ever used.
The first royal blue and red wine weft denim we’ve ever used.
The first above 30 oz. denim in particular dyed weft that you’ve might ever seen.
The #9THRUNNINWILD special denim collection!

Yes, yer eyes are not faulty! They’re indeed the heaviest denim we’ve created to date. Something so full of heavy gimmicks that we won’t do in regular life, but hey, this is our #9THRUNNINWILD so we’re more than free to unleash our wildest thoughts! Prepare yerself to find tons of never seen before details on a pair of Oldblue!

You’ll see the first ever hidden looped arcuate in any of our dungaree, the first ever back pocket particular embroidery, the first ever special full-printed pocket bag fabric, the first ever black horizontal tab on coin pocket, and the thickest leather patch we’ve ever used in a denim which is a 4.0-4.5 mm thick cow hide with debossed-print technique.

They’re loom-state unsanforized denim so do not think your life will be any easy with these ones. Such heavy denim was a result from the insanely ultra thick yarns which were filled the denim construction. And by thick we mean 3 plied of 5S yarns thick! For both of its warp & weft (5S/3 * 5S/3). The yarns originated from the Extra-Long-Staple cotton, from Urumqi, Xinjiang.

These burly denim are available in 7.75″ Cut & 8.25″ Cut for both Crimson Red and Cobalt Blue Weft, check out all the details here : #9THRUNNINWILD 31/33 Oz Over-Weight Selvedge in Crimson Red & Cobalt Blue Weft