The MONSTER’ALLS are back in the saddle, ready for one last ride!

Back in 2019, we rustled up these tough-as-nails armory as part of our #9THRUNNINWILD collection. Year in year out, we gradually released ’em in a small batch as we faced nothing but difficulties in the manufacturing process. And guess what? They’re back in the saddle now, ready for one last ride!

YES, these are STILL the HEAVIEST denim we’ve ever created in our line up. They might be the first above-30oz denim in particular dyed weft that you’ve ever seen too. Somethin’ you just can’t miss is surely their denim weft part; the Crimson Red and the Cobalt Blue.

You can watch all the inspiration and how we came up with this MONSTER’ALLS on the video below!


These dungarees are as tough as a wild Mustang. All the quirks that make ’em stand out are still kickin’. You’ll be spotting more rare details than a cowboy finding tumbleweeds on the trail.

Here’s a quick recap on what you’ll find; the first-ever Hidden Looped-Arcuate, the specially designed back pocket ‘Oldblue Horse-Brand’ embroidery, the signature full-printed pocket bags fabric, and a stunning 4.0-4.5 mm thick cowhide with debossed-print technique.

All in all, somethin’ you rarely see in our regular denim line up. That’s the key spirit of the Runnin’ Wild collection indeed.


In case you missed the title, this is the final chapter of these MONSTER’ALLS dungaree. They’ll probably gone extinct after this! So draw yer trigger soon!

These MONSTAR’ALLS are loom-state unsanforized, so don’t expect no smooth ride with ’em. Still made from wranglin’ insanely thick yarns. We’re talkin’ three-ply, 5S yarns thick! That goes for both the warp and the weft – it’s a double whammy of 5S/3 * 5S/3 action. Oldblue’s signature selvedge ID for our exclusive-milled denim collection can also be found.

The Crimson Red version of the 31/33 Oz Over-Weight are available in 8.25” Cut & 7.75” Cut. This version have Red Wine, or as we prefer to call it Crimson Red, on its weft. The particular Crimson Red weft was resulted from a reactive dyeing process. The yarn itself (both the warp and weft face) was derived from the Extra-Long-Staple cotton. While the Cobalt Blue version, which features of course cobalt blue weft, is only available in Oldblue signature slim leg – medium rise cut, the 7.75” Cut.

You can find these 31/33 Ouncer MONSTER’ALLS hangin’ round at our Puri Mutiara’s General Store  in a daily basis. And of course, you can always get ’em online thru our 24/7 web-store.

Saddle up and grab yours before they ride off into the sunset for good!