” Jalesveva jayamahe! In the sea, we prevail! “

Aye, captain! In the grand chronicles of maritime lore, our ancestors roamed the boundless seas, their hands skilled in crafting wonders, their spirit unyielding in the face of unknown waters.

The Oldblue Groundworks, a testament to this legacy, was born from a dream as vast as the ocean itself. It stands as our tribute to those fearless souls who charted the seas, honoring their memory through our craft.

The Monsoon Selvedge is the pilot project of the Oldblue Groundworks. A tale that began seven years back. Our daring quest: to weave our own denim using Toyoda shuttle looms right here on Indonesian soil. We could’ve taken the easy route, the shortcuts, but where’s the honor in that? We chose the path less traveled, one that reflects the true grit of our spirit.


The Monsoon Selvedge is a mid-weight 16 oz / sq. yds denim. We left it in its loom-state condition so you can experience the denim on the ‘rawest’ state possible. It’s constructed using indigo rope-dyed yarns. The yarns’ character falls into a more plain and classic kind of denim persona.

Of course, the denim fabric itself is far from perfect. You can experience chatters and other minor defects here and there. And we’d like to embrace this thing as the beauty of progress. And by acquiring this denim article, you’d directly support our progress while being an integral part of our history.


We also tried to utilize other domestically made & sourced supporting materials here. The brass-made buttons and the copper-finished rivets were all developed and made locally here. They might be the 2nd longest development; aside of the denim fabric, of course. The cowhide we utilized for the leather patch was sourced locally. Natural vegetable tanned kind of leather. The beautiful indigo hickory pocket lining fabric was also sourced locally. that kind of blue is pretty perfect to symbolize the ocean waves, isn’t it?

Yep, available in 2 cuts! The 7.75″ Cut & 8.25″ Cut!

Proudly made & crafted in INA

Quality you can trust! The looped arc!

Is that a ripple? Is that a wave? No it’s the Monsoon fabric texture!

Ready to conquer the sea!

Not your ordinary patch!

The selvedge ID might be plain, the texture is not!

The loop that you can’t miss!


The Over-Slub trimmed using our signature hardware. The open top aka doughnut with burnt copper finish is from Scovill USA. Reinforced with 100% copper rivets also from Scovill Fastener Company.

One of the unique detail, is the leather patch, where we utilized a pebbled grain cow hide. Such textured leather should well-match the extremely slub textured denim.


As we want to accommodate many builds also as the fabric is quite versatile. We decide to build ’em using both of our 8.25″ (slim straight) and 7.75″ (slim) Cut.

The 8.25″ Cut!

The 7.75″ Cut!


The 16 Oz Monsoon Selvedge is now available to be purchased  for IDR 1.750.000,- / US$ 175 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and online from here.