” Watch out! They are back! The slubby madness, our exclusively-&-freshly-milled denim, The 18 Oz Over-Slub Atlantic! “

Working hand-in-hand with Atlantic Mills, from the land of white elephants a.k.a Thailand, the 18 Oz Over-Slub Atlantic is our joint effort to put out South East Asia to be known in the denim world!

To commemorate that, of course we want to make something special. It took us over 1 year to actualize the idea into reality. And seeing the outcome, it’s safe to say all the hard-works were paid off.


The denim is in the mid-weight class; weighted at 18 ounces / square yard. The denim is in sanforized state, so you can wear ’em out of the box without any hustle.

This denim was made using extremely short-staple slub yarn that’s originated from US cotton. It’s then spun specifically in Japan. And finally, it’s woven n’ shuttle-loomed in Atlantic Mills plant in Thailand.

The different with the other regular slub-textured denim fabrics is that the slub yarns were made using short-staple cotton and constructed mostly on its weft face. That’s why you can see those ‘Over-Slub’ textures in a horizonal strike. Take a second and let’s imagine how they’ll fade overtime.


The dungaree sports Oldblue’s signature details such as; the single-looped arcuate on the back pockets, the indigo hickory lined front pockets, the two-tone chainstitched hem, the Oldblue’s signature looped stitch on coin pocket. Of course, not to forget the hidden rivets, raised back pockets and belt loops, the overlock shell-stitch on its fly, and the two-tone double felled inseam construction.

7.75″ Cut & 8.25″ Cut, we got you all covered!

Have you ever wonder why it’s called the Over-Slub? Here you go!

Classic red line selvedge!

Ohhh that loop!

Proudly made & crafted in INA

Quality you can trust! The looped arc!


The Over-Slub trimmed using our signature hardware. The open top aka doughnut with burnt copper finish is from Scovill USA. Reinforced with 100% copper rivets also from Scovill Fastener Company.

One of the unique detail, is the leather patch, where we utilized a pebbled grain cow hide. Such textured leather should well-match the extremely slub textured denim.


As the 18 Oz Over-Slub denim feels very multifaceted and versatile. The denim is in also in sanforized state, so you can wear ’em out of the box without any hustle. So we decided to build ’em using both of our 8.25″ (slim straight) and 7.75″ (slim) Cut.


The 18 Oz Over-Slub Selvedge Atlantic is now available to be purchased for IDR 1.850.000,- / US$ 185 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and online from here.