They’re roaring again! Oldblue’s signature Work Jacket Type II pattern in our celebrated 18 Ounces Over-Slub denim goodness.

The Work Jacket Type II is one of Oldblue’s oldest denim jacket patterns, dated back from 2016. As it was the 2nd issue of our denim jacket pattern archive, we simply called it the Work Jacket Type II. Compared to other denim jacket patterns in our range, this piece has the most ‘modern’ approach to it; in terms of how we designed the outer appearance and the kind of fit we utilized.


The denim is in the mid-weight class; weighted at 18 ounces / square yard. The denim is in sanforized state and also one-washed, so you can wear ’em out of the box without any hustle.

This denim was made using extremely short-staple slub yarn that’s originated from US cotton. It’s then spun specifically in Japan. And finally, it’s woven n’ shuttle-loomed in Atlantic Mills plant in Thailand.

The different with the other regular slub-textured denim fabrics is that the slub yarns were made using short-staple cotton and constructed mostly on its weft face. That’s why you can see those ‘Over-Slub’ textures in a horizonal strike.


The fundamental part of this Work Jacket Type II build is no other than the double spacious side pockets on its chest. Yes, it’s a fully functional pocket that goes from chest to edge of waist-band! Aside from keeping your valuable belonging(s) safe, it also functionates as an extra layer to the front part of the jacket. So, it’ll keep you safe & warm at the same time!

These side pockets also play a role in serving as an additional layer; for your extra warmth, to the overall jacket’s built.

Also, one of the key details that complement the jacket is the shoulder gusset; a detail often found in the vintage military jacket; aside of its clear function, it also adds some colliding layers on the jacket. Then completed off with a cinch backed waist for an easy adjustable fit.

A closer look from the front!

Is it leather, is it not? It’s the leather-like laken patch!

A hidden detail that we all love, selvedge cuffs!

That sexy back side!

South-East Asian power!

The shoulder-gusset, the freedom to move!


The Work Jacket is trimmed using our signature hardware. The open top aka doughnut with burnt copper finish is from Scovill USA. Reinforced with 100% copper rivets also from Scovill Fastener Company.

A laken, leather-like patch is used in the Work Jacket. Along with a custom made, locally sourced antique copper cinch back.


The jacket is built with comfort in mind, it sits longer the length, just below your waist for a more ease of movement. The cinch backed waist is also can be used for an easy adjustable fit.


The Work Jacket Type II – 18 Oz Over-Slub Atlantic OW is now available to be purchased for IDR 2.450.000,- / US$ 245 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and online from here.