From desk to yard, Indigo Plaid Jacquard stands guard!

This jacket ain’t your ordinary piece, we’ll tell ya that straight outta the gate! Y’all might recall our Vintage Plaid Jacket from the good ol’ days of 2017-2018. Well, we’ve rustled up another gem cut with the same pattern – the Work Jacket Type III. It ain’t just any run-of-the-mill piece, no sir! It’s the Oldblue original jacket pattern crafted with inspiration drawn straight from them 1930s denim jacket vibes.


The jacket is crafted from fine jacquard fabric, boasting a plaid pattern that’d make even the toughest cowpoke whistle in admiration. The fabric ain’t just woven on any loom; it’s crafted on a jacquard loom. Makin’ it somethin’ special. This loom works its magic, creating that raised motifs and patterns right in the fabric as it’s woven.  But hold on tight, ’cause there’s more! Them dark blue patterns you’re eyein’? They’re made using rope-dyed indigo yarns, adding an extra charm to the fabric.

Now, this Indigo Plaid Blouse ain’t heavy as a six-shooter; it’s a lighter weight, perfect for layering without weighing you down. Clockin’ in at 7 oz. per square yard, this jacquard fabric wonder was woven in the good ol’ USA.

We snatched the fabric from our dead-stock fabric vault, making this jacket a real rare find, available only in a downright limited quantity. And will never be seen again once it’s gone!


Let’s get straight to the lowdown on what makes this jacket stand out in the crowd. Picture a rounded collar that’s as smooth as a gambler’s tongue. That’s the jacket collar! It also got a double pleat struttin’ down its front placket, giving it a touch of frontier flair. Also a single big ol’ pocket and sealing the deal with the Oldblue signature looped-arcuate stitch—a mark of quality like a sheriff’s badge gleaming in the sun.

But hold your horses, there’s certainly more coming! This fine piece ain’t just about looks. If you’re one to reckon with the details, you’ll tip your hat to its curvy front and back yoke style. And the last but surely not the least, a bold cinch-back that lets you wrangle the body width to your liking, just like cinchin’ up a saddle on a wild mustang.


The jacket is loosely inspired by the 1930s style work jacket. So it’s on the boxy side of the spectrum. It sits just on the waist with a rommier chest.

The curved yoke makes arm movement a little bit more ease. The cinch backed waist is also can be used for an easy adjustable fit.


The Work Jacket Type III – 7 Oz Indigo Plaid Jacquard USA is now available to be purchased for IDR 1.950.000,- / US$ 195 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and online from here. And you might want to snatch it as soon as you can, remember the jacket only available for a handful bunch!