THE HEAVYWEIGHT KING IS HERE!! We’re talkin’ the same bruiser that’s been roamin’ the denim world for over thirteen years – the heavyweight that started it all!!

Hold yer horses, ’cause we got news that’ll make yer spurs jingle! The Beast is back in the saddle, meaner than ever!

This ain’t no ordinary denim, partner. This is the infamous 21/23 Oz Heavy Weight, or as some call it, The Beast. It’s been missin’ in action for a spell, but it’s finally returned in 2024! It’s back, just as bruisin’, wild, and savage as when it first stomped onto the scene. Think you got the grit to tame The Beast?


They’re built tough, just like a trusty steed, with the same legendary denim formula since 2011. We’re talkin’ heavyweight denim – a whopping 21/23 ounces, thicker than a buffalo stampede!

Built with the kind of rough and irregular threads that make for some seriously durable duds. Woven slow and steady on a 3×1 selvedge loom in Okayama, Japan. And that deep blue color? Richer than a gold mine and just as durable.

The hand feel is on the rougher side of the spectrum,  but after a few months of wear and tear, countless rides in the saddle, and maybe a rinse or two down by the creek, these jeans will soften up like a trusty steed, conformin’ to your every move.


You’ll find Ol’ Blue’s signature single-looped arcuate on the back pockets, lookin’ like a fancy lasso, and that same loopy stitch on the coin pocket – a sure sign of quality craftsmanship. Don’t forget the two-tone chainstitched hem, that’ll make you the sharpest lookin’ fella on the range.

Of course, you can expect to find the hidden rivets for extra strength, raised pockets and belt loops that won’t give way, and stitching that’s as tight as a bull rope. The inseams are double-built to last longer than a coyote’s yelp. To top it all off, the pocket bags are lined with a rich, dark red fabric – the color of a sunset after a long day on the range.

A Rear View Worth Wranglin’

Built Like a Bronco in a Dust Storm!

The Pink Selvedge ID

The Looped Stitch Coin Pocket – A Signature of Oldblue’s

Cut & Sewn in Indonesia

Loopin’ Good!


This dungaree is trimmed with our own customized open top buttons, developed by the reputable Scovill Fasteners. The Buttons have this striking burnt copper finish. The jean is reinforced with 100% copper rivets, customized and developed by the same company. For the leather patch, they’re cut from the finest veg-tanned horsehide strips sourced in the USA from the legendary Horween tannery in Chicago. Same high quality material that we’ve been using since 2011.


Sportin’ our most classic n’ trusted cut, the 8.25” Cut that has a clean slim straight build. It falls nicely between the slim to the regular straight cut. It starts quite slim in its thigh area – hugging a little closer than a regular straight cut would be. And it has a nice and cleans straight silhouette down to its hem.

It has a medium rise build, so it will give you more room (read: more comfortable) on the top block. This cut has proven to be one of our most versatile ones that can caters various kinds of body types.


The 21/23 Oz Heavy Weight “Beast”  is now available to be purchased for IDR 2.750.000,- / US$ 275 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and online from here.

We’re offering FREE SHIPPING worldwide on these bad boys! That’s right, no matter where you roam on this dusty trail, we can get The Beast to your doorstep. Don’t miss them out this time around!