THEY ARE BACK! The notorious BEAST that has been wandering n’ conquering the big blue galaxy is back stomping the universe stronger than ever!

The first heavy weight denim ever produced by an Indonesian brand.
The one who started it all.
The one who influenced so many.
The one who changed the entire game.

First released back in 2011, The Beast is back this year! Still as bestial, ferocious, and savage as ever. Can you tame The Beast?


The Beast are made using Japanese heavy-weight 23.7 oz. 3 x 1 selvedge loom-state denim. Constructed with irregular slub yarns and finished with a particular pink / light red selvedge ID. The formula that has been faithfully tested and succeeded over the years. We’ve see so many astonishing faded pairs of these Beasts; seems like it never ends. That’s why this article is also called by many as ‘The One that Never Fails’. And it continues to live up to its name and responsibility.


The dungaree sports Oldblue’s signature details such as; the looped arc on the back pockets, the hickory lined front pockets, and Oldblue’s signature coin pocket stitching. Also don’t forget the open seam construction (with the selvedge line) from bottom to top.

Loopin’ Good

The Ol’ Trusty Horween Horsehide Patch!

Present & The Past

A Glimpse Inside

Proudly Made in INA

Sign Of Quality!


Like any other Oldblue dungaree pairs, the hardware in The Beast receives the same detailed attention as we don’t compromise with something called  quality. The current edition is trimmed with our own customized open-top buttons in burnt copper finish; developed by Scovill Fasteners. Reinforced with 100% copper rivets, also by Scovill Fasteners.

And for the leather patch,  we utilize our signature leather material; veg-tanned horse strips by Horween Leather Compay of USA. The perfect material to go along with tough crisp denim fabric.


It’s our signature 8.25″ Cut. And it has been that exact way since 2011.
If you’ve been following us for a while, you would know what this means. It falls somewhere between the slim cut to the regular straight cut. It starts quite slim in its thigh area, hugging a little closer than a regular straight cut will be. And it will be straight down from the knee, calves to the hem with basically no taper. Another key note of this cut is in its medium rise built. So it will give you a roomier and fuller kind of top block.

A cut that is our most versatile (and most-experienced) cut that’s able to fit various kinds of body type.


The BEAST is now available to be purchased for IDR 2.750.000,- / US$ 275 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and of course, online thru this Webstore!