For the thousands in attendance..
From the blue heavy woven corner..
The most anticipated weave in history..
The undisputed heavy-weight denim champion..
Let’s get ready to rumble!

Nothing else than our ever-signature denim run since 2011, the 21/23 Oz Heavy Weight Edition, or simply and widely known by the name; THE BEAST. After several months of hiatus, they’re back again to our strong contender denim line-up. If you’re looking for a tough-call extra-durable dungaree that can take on everything and dependable on every surrounding, well look no further. Their reputation and experience are second to none.

23.7 oz./sq. yards loom-state selvedge denim loomed in Japan goodness. Sportin’ our classic n’ trusted 8.25” Cut that has a clean slim straight pattern style. Endless holy fades have been generated to our Archive of Dirty Blues over the years.

Are you ready to go down in history?

Are you ready to tame The Beast?