The looming dark bronco of the dingy wild west, the one with great strength and vigor, he’s back to patronize the wild west.



The Black Stallion first saw the day of light in 2020, adding a new dynamic in Oldblue’s dungarees selection with its Ultra-Black (Black Warp X Black Weft ) heavy-weight denim fabric. It’s our first attempt on creating denim armor with motorcycle culture approach in mind. So prepare for a fast and wild ride!


The Black Stallion was created from a loom-state unsanforized 23 oz heavy weight milled in Japan denim. And it shares the same construction with its long-lost older brother, the 21/23 Oz Heavy Weight ‘Beast’, but of course with its own spin and persona. Its pristine character is no other than the ultra-deep black color on both its faces (the warp and the weft if it ain’t clear enough).

This ultra-black denim is still on the pristine unsanforized condition. The denim constructed with just-the-right amount of slub yarns and trimmed with light red / pink selvedge ID. The black denim tone was resulted from sulphur dyed yarns. That kind of technique will generate a particular fade-to-grey denim direction after significant wears.


The dungaree sports Oldblue’s signature details such as; the looped arc on the back pockets, the hickory lined front pockets, and Oldblue’s signature coin pocket stitching. All stitched with tonal colored black threads. Adding a more ruthless yet mysterious look on its overall build.

A View From The Back


The Tonal Stitched Looped Arc

Peeking Thru’ the Inside

Proudly Made in INA



Like any other Oldblue dungaree pairs, the hardware in the Black Stallion receives the same detailed attention as we don’t compromise with something called  quality.  Trimmed using our signature Scovill USA open top buttons in burnt copper finish. Reinforced with 100% copper rivets also from Scovill Fastener Company.

We even go through some extra miles on the leather patch. The studs in the leather patch was done manually by hand, one by one, spot per spot. So if you’re expecting a flawless and spot-on kind of attachment, this one is not for ya. The studs and nail-heads are exceptionally made in the USA. While the leather material itself was sourced from the infamous Horween, Illinois Chicago. The one we use here is their legendary Black Chromexcel leather.


It’s our signature 8.25″ Cut. If you’ve been following us for a while, you would know what this means. It falls somewhere between the slim cut to the regular straight cut. It starts quite slim in its thigh area, hugging a little closer than a regular straight cut will be. And it will be straight down from the knee, calves to the hem with basically no taper. Another key note of this cut is in its medium rise built. So it will give you a roomier and fuller kind of top block.

A cut that is our most versatile (and most-experienced) cut that’s able to fit various kinds of body type.


The Black Stallion is now available to be purchased for IDR 2.850.000,- / US$ 285 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and of course, online thru this Webstore!