I put a spell on blue, for any blues that you do..

People all over the world have been held and spellbound for centuries by a blue substance that we all know as indigo. We’re captivated by its potential for magical transformation. Indigo dye has the ability to transform plain & simple fibers into complex & glorious textiles.

We decided to go back to the deepest core & root of everything we do. Whether we realize it or not, we’re all here because we’re stupefied under the same spell. We’re all tied under the same spell: THE SPELL OF BLUE! That’s the unwavering spirit that we try to convey in our 12 years of spine-chillin’ blue journey.

This #12THBLUESPELL collection showcases Oldblue’s commitment to quality and innovation while keeping in the roots and passion for the blues. The prelude chapter of the collection consists of a pair of heavy indigo duck dungaree and two specially design tees. They’re exclusively released thru Wall of Fades event last month, and now they’re ready to shake yer blues here.

8.25" Cut - 14 Oz Heavy Indigo Duck Okayama


The primary witchery offering part 1, the full of indigo spell creation, the part of our enchanting #12THBLUESPELL collection; the Heavy Indigo Duck! Yes, canvas / duck always has a special place in our collection. This particular duck fabric is something else tho. It’s an indigo rope-dyed kind of cotton duck. As it’s constructed using indigo warp and indigo weft, this fabric has this rich and deep indigo tone that’ll lure you down. Oh, and absolutely YES, it has the ability to generate irresistible fades too.

The fabric is weighted at 14 ounces / sq. yard, so it’s definitely on a heavier side than all the other duck fabrics we’ve had the pleasure to use. This exceptional quality fabric was shuttle-loomed in Okayama, Japan. You might notice the eye-pokin’ white mark on the outseam or the fabric edge. It’s just the nature of the fabric. It’s an attribute to the old, the late 19th century duck fabric, where you can see they had an unusually wide self-edge dot / mark. Some said, as the duck fabric was mainly used for a tent back then, it had that distinct wide mark.


A specially designed and crafted leather patch is being for this special dungaree. Made from our signature leather patch material we’ve been using since 2011; the natural veg-tanned horse-hide from Horween USA. It will also have a specially made flasher for the #12THBLUESPELL collection.

The dungaree also features Oldblue’s signature details such as; the single-looped arcuate on the back pockets, the coin pocket signature stitch, raised back pockets and belt loops, and of course the overlock shell-stitch on its fly. Also, we can’t forget to mention the dungaree come equipped with our signature hardware sets; customized buttons and 100% copper rivets, by Scovill USA.

The 12th Blue Spell Exclusive Leather Patch

Yep, That’s The Selvedge Line!

A Good View From The Front

Ain’t No Peekin’


Sportin’ our most classic n’ trusted cut, the 8.25” Cut that has a clean slim straight build. It falls nicely between the slim to the regular straight cut. It starts quite slim in its thigh area – hugging a little closer than a regular straight cut would be. And it has a nice and cleans straight silhouette down to its hem.

It has a medium rise build, so it will give you more room (read: more comfortable) on the top block. This cut has proven to be one of our most versatile ones that can caters various kinds of body types.

The Blue Spell Ch. I & Ch. II


For this special 12th Anniversary tee edition, we decided to utilize a jersey-knitted fabric (and construction) that we’ve been faithfully using for over 11 years now, our signature tubular tee. Medium weight knitting fabric, with no-side-seam construction, assuring you’ll have a better and a more proper t’s shape that’ll last you for long.


Some of the important details of tee that someone might miss are the double needle on neck, sleeve, and bottom hem. Also, the shoulder to shoulder tape for that extra durability on the stress points.

The graphic was printed using water-based ink, so you’ll have that favorable worn-in look with wears and washes.

The Front Chest Graphics

The Blue Spell Ch. I

The Rib & Oldblue’s Singnature Label

The Blue Spell Ch. II


The tee is cut & sewn into a regular shape and still maintain the same sizing chart as our other tubular tees since years ago. So if you have one of Oldblue’s tubular tees before, you can be certain to wear the exact same size on this collection as well.


The #12THBLUESPELL first drop are now available to be purchased from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and online from here.