A buckle drawn from the ancient charm of good fortune, combine that with vegetable tanned leathers that just get better with age!


This belt’s buckle ain’t just any old buckle, partner. The belt buckle is a real nod to the wild west, takin’ inspiration straight from a horseshoe. In the wild west world, horseshoe is an ancient talisman renowned for bringing good luck and prosperity. Folks have been swearin’ by horseshoes for ages, believin’ they bring in heaps of good fortune. It’s like the golden ticket of the Western world luck symbols.

The horseshoe buckle ain’t something we simply picked up at the local store. We literally made it from scratch. From designing, sketching, 3D printing, revising (back n’ forth), the whole process. The buckle itself was made of solid brass. It’s not just a looker but a fully functional belt buckle. And we gave it a brush finish to keep it lookin’ as smooth as a tumbleweed rollin’ through the prairie, maintaining that matte charm it was born with!


The leather use for the belts are wrangled all the way from the South American prairies. Vegetable tanning uses tannins from plants to create an authentic leather with a natural smell and look. This leather ain’t just a pretty face; it ages like a fine bourbon, developing a patina that tells a tale of grit and character, just like a weathered cowboy on the frontier. Goes hand in hand with our beloved dry denim, like a trusty steed and its rider.

Now, let’s talk about the backbone of these belts – a double butt cow hide, pulled from the hind leg portion of the critter, running around the butt and up to the spine on both sides. It’s the toughest, firmest part of the hide, perfect for our heavy-duty belting material. We’re talkin’ about a full hide thickness, around 10/11 oz on average.

So saddle up, partner, ’cause these Horseshoe Belts only get better with time, just like a good ol’ cowboy tale!


The Horseshoe Belts is 1.75″ width, and available in four different sizes, size I through IV. This will accommodate waist sizes from 28 – 39. Each belt have 5 pair of tear drop holes for easy adjustments.


The Horseshoe Belt is available in 2 different leather variants, the 10/11 Oz Golden Tan Double Butt and 10/11 Oz Natural Double Butt priced at IDR 1.150.000,- / US$ 115 each. These belts are available directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost and online from webstore.