THE DENOUEMENT, THE CLOSURE, THE FINALE! The last piece of puzzle on our special 10th Golden Decade collection. The creation number 10 out of 10.

The Steamroller jacket wraps up our special 10th Golden Decade collection. Still in line with the bottom-line spirit of our 10th Golden Decade collection; where we try to re-create some of the classic staple garment pieces from the golden era of workin’ wear which was obviously thru the 1930-1940s era.


The jacket is based on the 1930s ‘Railroad Jacket’ piece. This kind of particular pattern was called the ‘Loco Jacket’ back then as it was designed specifically for railroad workers. Moreover, its detailed (and functional) features were actually tested by the railroad workers themselves. You can easily find many vintage photos on which the Chore Coat was paired with a Bib Overalls, which was the unofficial uniform of railroad workers back then. We then transformed the core idea of the pattern and made it with our own kind of style n’ touch.


Made using indigo rope dyed denim that’s produced in the legendary Cone Mills in their now-closed White Oak plantation. This 14 oz. denim was part of their wide (non-selvedge) denim production which means we get a better fabric’s consumption ratio. This jacket is offered in One-Washed state so you can wear it with ease with less break-in period needed. Another special detail that built this jacket is no other than the brass shank button we use to make it even period correct. We specifically made the button with our own customized branding design with the help of ever-reputable company, Scovill Fasteners Inc.

The Front Look

The Chest Pocket

The Watch Pocket

The Special Customized Button

The Back Look

The Size Label

The Cuff

The Fabric


Our self-explored Railroad Jacket pattern surely does not compromise any of its original function and value. Consisting 4 big front pocket compartments as the staple feature of any Railroad Jacket or (more generally) Chore Coat. One of the signature details of the Railroad Jacket is surely the watch pocket. We completed the detail with the corresponding slanted buttonhole for the watch chain. We made the shoulder part a bit different as we utilized the ‘raglan style’ shoulder. From our experience it gives a better mobility and better ability to adapt to different body types. The overall triple chainstitch construction adds more durability and reliability.


As with the jacket back in the 1930’s, the fit is a tad loose and boxy. Combined with the raglan styled sleeve, making it have abetter ability to adapt to different body types. It also makes sure the wearer have wide range of movements in their hard working days .


The Steamroller Jacket – 14 Oz Plain Indigo White Oak is now available to be purchased for IDR 1.850.000,- / US$ 185 directly from our Oldblue General Store & Outpost at Jalan Puri Mutiara No. 35B, Jakarta Selatan and online from here