If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll know we habitually dishes out packs of graphic tees. Either a limited run or a regular running article tees.

Graphic tees have been a part of our dry goods assortments since the early days. As always, we don’t comprise any quality variable in any our products. Just like our t’s articles which were made  using our signature circular knitted tubular tees as the base material. We’ve been using the same t’s for 9 years now! The water-based ink printed on the tees is so rich in details as you can expect.

The first regular tees issue of the 2020 consists of 5 different graphic tees. The design in the tees might and might not seem familiar to some of you. As it is indeed inspired by the old workwear brands that were existed back in the golden days.

J.L. Stifel & Sons, Boss of The Road, Tuffies, Crown Overalls, Can’t Bust ‘Em are where the graphics got its soul.  Although they’re less-often heard (and extinct by now), they also deserve a spotlight as they played important role on the development of workin’-wear-world. Their existence also inspires us as a brand one way or another. So, this is our kind of tribute and homage to them!

These 5 tees are now readily available here.